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4/16/20 Pandemic Ponderings

This is surreal.

So much change, so fast. So much uncertainty about the future.

When will things get back to something similar to my previous "normal" life?

No one knows!

Here is what I think is true for me.

At times I feel scared and overwhelmed about all the unknown possible bad things that could happen.

I often feel the tug to watch the news, catch up on the stats or do something else (to feel like I have more control).

I have also noticed many good things during this bad time.

My life is slower, with less busyness. I am spending more quality time with the people I live with. This has resulted in deeper, more meaningful connection. I appreciate things more, especially other people in my life (I think because of my increased awareness that I could lose them). My increased awareness about death, especially my death, has increased my faith in a higher power. It has increased my awareness about my illusion of control. 

It is easy to fall victim to our intrusive thoughts and fears and to resign ourselves to them being beyond our control.

The reality is, with awareness we have choices.

Choices about what we notice, how we think about things and how we spend our time.

There are healthy choices and unhealthy ones. 

I am trying to chose ones that increase my physical and mental well being. Things like: relationship development, self-care, learning, exercise, healthy eating and sleeping, and strategic (longer time horizon) efforts like acquiring the capability to work with clients using video therapy technology.

What are you choosing?

Be well. Be safe. Choose wisely!

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