Employee Assistance

Employee Asst

Do employee personal problems impact performance in your organization?

You bet they do!

It is extremely hard (if not impossible) for employees to be effective at work when they are struggling with some type of emotional / mental health or personal life challenge. We have all either experienced this ourselves or seen someone else struggle like this at work.

Employees increasingly report they feel stressed and overwhelmed at work. In fact, nearly 20% of US adults meet the diagnostic criteria for an anxiety disorder. The numbers are even higher for younger adults. Half of millennials and 75% of Gen-Zers have quit jobs for mental health reasons Your employees who feel overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed or who are experiencing relationship challenges have a hard time even making it to work. When they do make it, they are not fully present, have challenges with focus and are not as productive as you need them to be. Emotional / mental health issues also are highly correlated with subsequent physical health problems. This drives up your health insurance cost. Mental health challenges are also among the top five causes for long-term disability according to the CDC. The bottom line is people's personal problems have a huge negative (often hidden) impact on your bottom line!

Employee Asst

Would you like help your employees live more peaceful, joy-filled lives and reduce absenteeism, turnover, training and health insurance costs?

I believe I can help

I have started a partnership with several companies in the greater Washington area to provide cost-effective and convenient employee counseling. Sometimes employee clients see me at my counseling office and sometimes I have regularly scheduled times where I come on site so employees can see me while at work or before or after their shift. Some organizations have chosen to pay the full fees for clients (as a perk and to increase utilization), and sometimes the organization pays the majority of the cost and I collect a "co-pay" amount from employees at the time of service. I have generally billed organizations at the end of each month for my services.

I understand you may already have an Employee Assistance Program that covers counseling for employees as a part of their health insurance plan. The problem is, these EAP's have chronically low usage for a variety of reasons. There may be limited therapists nearby in the program, and the quality of therapists may not always be the best. I am a local counselor, who your employees may find more convenient to see and easier to connect with.

Let's explore a WIN / WIN / WIN partnership


My goal is to make a meaningful positive difference in the lives of people and organizations in my community. I have a degree in business administration and 23 years of business experience prior to becoming a therapist. I understand the challenges you face as an owner or manager of a business. I am confident that we can develop a custom partnership to meet your needs. Contact me today by phone or email to start the conversation.

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