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4/22/20 Pandemic Prophesy

No I'm not making predictions about an end to this. 

I have no crystal ball.

I am however starting to experience an intuitive hunch that things are on the verge of getting back a little closer to "normal".

The sense I get, from listening to others including health and economic "experts" is that this is all about balancing risk vs. reward, or cost vs. benefit, and that things are about to begin opening up some.

This is literally a metaphor for all choices in our life isn't it?

I am also noticing how emotionally-charged and politically divisive this topic is. People seem to be divided mostly along political lines and strongly believe their party perspective is "right" and the other side is "crazy"!

When should we start opening things back up and be more social? From my perspective this calls for careful exploration of all the best available data and coming to some balanced decision that considers all the likely costs and benefits. I have found what is usually the best choice for me in my life is something in the middle. I find the polar extremes of any issue are not typically my healthiest (most balanced) choices.

I sincerely hope people and especially our leaders can set aside some of their partisan bias and make decisions during this crisis that are balanced.

Be safe, be well, be balanced.

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