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4/29/20 Let There Be Light!

Ok, we are certainly not out of the darkness yet, but I think I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Or, am I hallucinating from isolation?

It appears to me the curve is flattening. In some areas of the country (including our area) it seems we may be at the beginning of the downward side of the curve.  It looks like our health systems are not being overwhelmed to the point where decisions about who will get ventilators and who won't are happening (as feared). Officials and organizations are making plans to reopen things. The stock market has rebounded. People, including officials seem to be ready to start taking some chances again, balancing all risks (Covid and non-Covid related).

I am ready. I miss my friends and extended family. I miss my clients who have not been comfortable with or able to do tele-health sessions. I miss being out in our community. I am ready to see my son interacting with his friends more.

It is probably too early to abandon all social distancing, and it's likely too early to throw a big party to celebrate, but I do sense a brighter future.

Let there be light!

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