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5/7/20 Sporadic Sunshine

My view of light at then end of this pandemic tunnel keeps coming and going like sunshine in spring.

Just when I thought I was seeing the light of hope and optimism about less lockdown, I see new dire predictions about a secondary spike, or waves of spikes related to contamination and death. What started out as shocking predictions about a month ago of maybe 250.000 deaths in the US, started going down to as low as 60,000 and now are back up to about 135,000 predicted deaths by early August.

It feels like I'm on an information and emotional roller-coaster!

Here is one thing I think I know. Nobody knows! All the best minds, even with technology and science don't seem to be able to accurately predict what we are in for. That's unsettling. We like certainty. It feels good to know. What I also am witnessing is our human desire to make the uncertain, certain. It's a defense coping mechanism. Even in the absence of great supporting evidence, it feels really good to "fool ourselves" into a belief in certainty and to tell the world "'the truth" about a situation. It is comforting, and gives us peace. Without certainty, even just feigned or perceived certainty, we feel anxious, helpless and hopeless. What we often fail to recognize is that it's just our truth. Our perspective. Our reality. And this truth is different for everyone.

This feels vulnerable, but I'm ready to broadcast my perspective. I have no idea what the right answers are! My truth is somewhere in the middle of the polar opposite perspectives I hear.

I am watching for data, evidence, expert opinions and divine or laws of nature signs to guide my behavioral choices and I hope everyone will be less self-righteous and more compassionate about other's opinions and choices.

Be well, be peaceful and please be tolerant and compassionate during this pandemic uncertainty.

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