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5/27/20 Mind Control

If you are experiencing fears, possibly even fears that at some level you know are irrational, you are not alone.

Our thoughts have a deeply profound impact on our emotional state; how we are feeling. One of the things that can be very helpful when you are dealing with fears, is to do a deeper dive. Digging into the details related to our fears. This is at the heart of cognitive therapy. Often just saying your thoughts out loud (especially to a neutral person) causes the fears to lose power. 

It can also be very helpful to explore the evidence that supports your fears (this is usually easy), and then explore the other side, the evidence that does not totally support your fears (this is much more challenging). Then you can craft a more balanced statement that combines the evidence from both perspectives. It is amazing how much less fear we can experience when we get connected to a more rational and balanced thought.

The next time you are feeling anxious / fearful about something try it out. Writing the evidence and thoughts out can really help too. If this does not help, it's probably time to contact a therapist.


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