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6/3/20 Just What We Needed (NOT!)

Just as I start to get more comfortable that the virus spread does not seem to be exploding after a relaxing of precautions, we are now dealing with a new crisis and more socio and political divisiveness.

I absolutely understand how people can be extremely upset about what appears to be a murder of an already handcuffed citizen by a police officer on an American street.

I absolutely understand peaceful protests are an American right.

I don't understand the reactions of some including violence, looting and destruction of property.

I understand how people could judge and condemn those unlawful actions.

I also am aware that I probably am not able to understand because I have not lived the same life experiences as those people I believe are acting inappropriately. I don't ever worry that I will be treated unfairly because of the color of my skin. If I am ever questioned about passing what appears to be a counterfeit bill, I suspect I will be given the presumption of innocence at the start of the conversation. I am not suggesting I know how the conversation with George Floyd went. I am just saying I understand that it is possible that people of color could reasonably fear it being a different type of conversation with some law enforcement officers. What a shame that race continues to be an issue that divides us.

I do hope that this latest crisis becomes a catalyst to come together as a nation to increase race awareness, have more honest and introspective dialogues, become more sensitive to the perceptions of others and improve law enforcement selection, training and discipline policies so all of us can have a more similiar American experience of liberty.


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