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7/9/20 COVID Crazy

These certainly feel like "crazy times"! It's hard to maintain sanity, peace, balance. I honestly don't even like the labels "crazy" or "insane". To me we are all a little crazy and experience moments when we feel unmoored from reality. I don't like the binary, black and white correlation these words imply. I don't think we can sort the sane from the insane. I feel like we all have emotional / mental health challenges and degrees of health on all aspects related to mental health. I also feel like our symptoms are not static, but vary from day to day (sometimes minute to minute). Emotional challenges are normal!

I don't like the diagnostic model in mental health for these same reasons. I don't like a system where people are labeled with a code that somehow captures their mental health status. People are more complex than this. I also believe there is too much subjectivity inherent in the diagnostic system. I believe it often represents more about the perspective of the diagnoser than the patient. Diagnosis can also become a label that keeps people stuck or works against them in society.

I prefer to work from a different model. I like to help my clients leverage their strengths, to overcome challenges (symptoms) and make changes to achieve their goals. 

My system may sound crazy, but it seems to be working.

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