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As we begin a new transition period (delta) with summer ending and schools starting again, we wonder.

What will happen? Will schools be able to stay open and if so for how long? What will the quality of the education be for the kids? What about health and safety for everyone? Should we send them or choose virtual?

We have lots of questioning hands raised in our classroom called life, but we don't have many gold star answers. As students of life we have a hard time with so much uncertainty. Our brains and bodies crave order, structure, routine and certainty and we have anything but that right now. It seems no one is getting an "A"  as it relates to "right" answers to so many questions in this dynamic environment. Fears also rob us of our ability to think and reason rationally as we grind out this test.

I hope we can all do our best to make choices that seem right for us and our kids and to respect everyone who is doing the same, even if their calculus differs from ours. I hope we can respect and try not to judge: health professionals, politicians, leaders, administrators and teachers who are trying to make decisions based on ever-changing data (and scientific knowledge).

Maybe we could all give some "extra credit" of appreciation,  do our "homework" of practicing  tolerance and "study" ourselves and the impact of our choices on ourselves and others.

The bell is about to ring and class is about to be in session for all of us!

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