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Thanksgiving Thinking

Thanksgiving 2020 might look different with smaller gatherings for Covid safety, but the benefits of recognizing what we are thankful for is eternal.

It has been a crazy, challenging year since March. So many things have changed and there is so much uncertainty, that it is easy to fall into a funk. Fears of illness, isolation, economic peril, changes with our work, changes with social activities and events, political divisiveness / uncertainty, social conflict, and even death!

All the negative thinking and being connected to fear certainly can lead to anxiety, depression and other emotional health challenges. But, the opposite is also true. Being connected to what is good, what we have accomplished, what we are grateful for, what we love and who we love can have a tremendous positive impact on our emotional state!

I started a practice years ago of beginning each day by spending a few minutes being mentally connected to what I am grateful for. I find this appreciative start to my day makes a HUGE difference, not just for those few minutes, but for my whole day. This practice has conditioned me to be more aware and recognize all the good things that I could easily overlook / take for granted.

This Thanksgiving I am so grateful for many things including: my and my family's health, that no close relatives or friends have died from Covid, people in my life who I love and those who love me, our home, community and being lucky enough to live in what I believe is the best country and political system (albeit imperfect) in the world! Healthcare workers and scientists working on treatments and preventions, my career and the gift of learning more about life every day.

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

 If it includes people, might I suggest telling them. They may be thankful to know.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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